Recent News

Recent News

Last updated, November 16, 2015.

– 2014 –

January 2014: The student coalition is formed, and initial project outlines are discussed.
July 2014: Proof of concept through a working wireframe software system is developed during the summer term, in preparation for the second semester 2015 senior capstone project.
September 2014: Initial software coding begins. Team utilizes base code presented through a Web 2.0 GUI using Adobe Flex. The dev requirements call for operational data collection and monitoring to later be aggregated, diagnosed and alerted on through the various system applications and integrations.
December 2014: Alpha testing begins on the Flex based Web 2.0 GUI. Talks are opened with several virtualization vendors and technology systems about possible security integrations.

– 2015 –

February 2015: IT event log management and fully customization API and XML feed are added to the development cycle.
April 2015: Coding continues, and stabilization towards Beta testing becomes more viable.
May 2015: Summer term, coalition is out of session, but engages in aggressive financing campaign.
November 2015: Talks intensify regarding possible Series A funding, as HC Emergency Plan looks to receive it’s first significant round of venture capital financing.

– 2016 –

Q3 2016: Pre-launch celebration and sponsorship dinner is slated – prior to the highly anticipated Q4 launch.
Q4 2016: Anticipated market launch.

*check back often as we will continue to update our news section on the HC Emergency Plan project.