Prestigious Security Positions: 3 Top Jobs in Security

Everyone in security wants to have a great job, and there are a few jobs in the security world that are very prestigious. You can get these jobs by rising through the ranks, or you can look for these jobs as they come up. Some people are looking for jobs that allow them to manage others, but other people are looking for ways to get close to the action. You can choose a prestigious job and make it your new goal in life.

Bodyguard Work

Bodyguard work is something that you will enjoy because you get to be on the inner circle of someone who is very important. Personal bodyguards are often paid very well, and they are treated to experiences that normal people do not get. You get to go all the places your client goes, and you get to have some of the same experiences. You are paid well for your time, and you have a little freedom that you would not get from a normal job.

Security Officer

Security guards are often seen as a lower rung of the security industry, however a position as a security officer can often lead to a fast track as a security director (see below), or even specializations in high-profile private security work. There are many options for instructional programs, both hands-on in-classroom and options such as security guard training online. Whichever instructional avenue you choose, make sure to exceed the technical and physical requirements of your training program, so you can begin your fast track to director level security work.

Director Of Security

Being director of security for a company is going to help you manage people and get near to the executive suite. You may be a part of the executive team, or you may be close to the executive team. The team is going to lean on you to make sure that they are safe, and you will be able to advise the company on a broad level about security. You are not managing just one building, but you are managing what a whole company does. That is real influence in the corporate world, and your ideas could be adopted by other companies around the world.

Building Manager

Someone who is put in charge of a whole building will be able to make a nice salary while being in control of how that building is run. You hire the whole security team, and you set up how the building is managed for everyone’s safety. You will get to know everyone in the building, and you will be able to have real influence over how the building is run. You will become the voice of the owner, and you may get partial ownership over time. Building managers can utilize BMS systems such as HCE Emergency Plan to make impact in the workplace. Read more about our system benefits here.
The security jobs that you are looking for are going to help you reach to the top of your field, and you can get prestigious jobs that pay well. Being a bodyguard, director or manager will change your life for the better.